The data network infrastructure is a fundamental part of an organization's smooth functioning, regardless of its size.

A proper architecture and successful implementation of a Datacenter includes proper integration of switches and routers, not just servers and storage. This is the only way to ensure that it will not overwhelm your network with problems, such as a poor traffic flow, slow response time, prioritization of inappropriate application level and congestion of switches.

For these reasons, #SYSCONNECT# offers specialized services and solutions for switches and routers. Our network specialists are familiar with the latest best practices and networking technologies, so you can rely on rapid system integration as well as optimizing them to achieve maximum return on Investment.

#SYSCONNECT# offers wired and wireless enterprise networking solutions that provide a consistent user experience and address common network challenges, enabling the operation and flexibility to adapt in an evolutionary way, new technologies, improve your infrastructure, increase your performance and lower costs.

Introducing some solutions: 

  • Networks - Switching, Routing, 802.1x authentication, centralized management;
  • Wireless - Distributed solutions, centralized solutions, analytical anddata collection; authentication and security;
  • Infrastructure Management - Monitoring and alarmistic, inventory, asset management, operation support;
  • Passive equipment Management - Structured cabling in copper or fiber, EIA / TIA Certification

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