#SYSCONNECT# access management and control solutions offer an adaptation to the most varied structural needs of the market. Our solutions allow integration into existing security systems, using the most varied forms of installation. 

#SYSCONNECT# provides the best and innovative solutions for management, control and security of access and CCTV:

  • Assiduity control - Efficient time management (human capital), real-time monitoring of all employees' point-punching activity in your company;
  • CCTV - Video Surveillance Systems in 24x7 / 365 format;
  • Parking Park Management - Prevent abusive parking situations and security breaches;
  • Access Control - Facilities in Security, with the highest indexes of protection namely biometric control and Facial;

Control of rounds and Services - Know who, where and when all the activities were carried out Safety Rounds, Maintenance, Health Care, Assistance


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