Technology is in constant development which, consequently, creates the need of managers to keep up and adapt organizations to these changes. Digital transformation is the process of changing the way an organization operates as a consequence of developments in the digital sphere relevant to its business. The transformation may affect each part of the company’s value chain and any business function.

Productivity, optimization, strategic adaptation, improvement of security, laws and regulations are present  obstacles inside and outside each business.

To respond  to this context of requirements, #SYSCONNECT# offers an IT Consulting services and Audit Service, essential for Modernization of Information Technology, consolidated in a critical and impartial analysis.

The IT Consulting Services of #SYSCONNECT# acts in all aspects that involve the use of technologies:

  • Systems;
  • Networking;
  • Infrastructures;
  • Security;
  • Professional Services;
  • Data Center.



Our engineering team gathers, organizes, and determines an accurate view of all factors associated with the data center and infrastructure. #SYSCONNECT# consulting services incorporate our strategic advice and insight into the data center practices and services enabling you to achieve positive, long-term business results for your enterprise. We collaborate with you to drive consensus on key strategic issues unique to your organization, manage your initiatives successfully and help you identify and capitalize on current and future opportunities.

  • Data Center infrastructure designed in accordance with the Tier (Uptime institute) certification to be achieved;
  • Energy Efficiency - UPS, generator sets, power grid;
  • Security and Environmental Monitoring - Fire extinguishing, technical flooring, refrigeration, access control, safe rooms, remote control, thermography;
  • Networking Assessments - Infrastructure management, liabilities (TIA/EIA structured cabling).

Our professionals have the most appropriate tools for management and optimization resolution as well innovative solutions. #SYSCONNECT# Data Center consulting services include:

  • Audit,
  • Architecture,
  • GAP Technology Assessment.



  • ISO 20000 (IT Services);
  • ISO 22301 (Business Continuity);
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security);
  • GDPR - European Regulation of Protection of Personal Data.


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