Information is a company'smost valuable asset and, as digital communications evolve and expand, the risk increases exponentially. Therefore, it's important to understand the vulnerabilities and prioritize the main security challenges, both the network and application level.

#SYSCONNECT# offers security solutions that contain consolidated multi-threat protection technologies.

Cybersecurity solutions enable you to regain control of your IT infrastructure and comply with the standards by automatically collecting automatic security, monitoring systems, ensuring configuration and creating information for conducting forensic audits.
The complexity of it, the constant change, the changing of commercial and regulatory requirements, the increasing pressures on costs are exposing confidential information (which are kept in corporate IT systems) are exposed to all risks, Including disclosure or theft and unauthorized changes.
This can result in non-compliance with standards, as well as loss of trust and corporate reputation.

 Cybersecurity solutions  provide:

  • Monitoring of users systems and activities across the IT infrastructure of an entity;
  • Pentest-injection of security incidents;
  • Creation of records for security audits and forensic analysis;
  • Protection of critical information systems;
  • Implementation of "good practices" in IT security;
  • The increased operational efficiency of it;
  • Tracking of uses/applications/data sessions, with all type of registration;
  • Detection and immediate warning of computer attacks performed by hackers (denial of services-dos, DDoS), from botnets, Low Orbit Ion Canon, SQL Injection, etc.;
  • Detection and immediate notice in access to critical information that is collected, altered or monitored by malware or users with unauthorized access;
  • Correlation of logs/events of any active equipment (understand: Layer 3 switches, routers, UTMS, firewalls, IPS, IDS, servers and workstations that have any type of operating system, datacenters/virtualization, etc.) of any manufacturer, Digitally signed an encrypted form from the origin to its storage;
  • Creation of reports in various formats with all the information performed during the monitoring/detection process. The information is presented in accordance with the standards ISO27001:2005, SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GCSX-CoCo, among others.


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