Nowadays, with the strong presence of external threats, data protection is a must in the corporate world as losing a small fraction of the data can be a real disaster.

The  #SYSCONNECT# Cloud Backup service protects your critical data on all Internet-enabled devices by providing a flexible and effective solution for keeping one or more backups off the main system. Backups will be stored on national territory on redundant servers with unlimited traffic.
In case of system failure, unavailability or natural disaster, with SYSCONNECT Cloud Backup, the files and data are available, allowing the rapid restoration of systems for different equipment or for virtual servers.

The Cloud Backup service has Automatic Backups that frequently refresh the saved data. In this way, whenever a document is saved on the equipment, it is quickly migrated to a safe location.

Benefits of SYSCONNECT Cloud Backup:
  • Cloud backup is automatic; 
  • Cloud backup reduces downtime;
  • Cloud backup grows with you;
  • Ease of research, management and retrieval and transfer of digital information within the company;
  • Ease of information sharing;
  • Greater security;
  • The information can be from any device connected to the internet;
  • Economic storage;
  • Higher scalability;
  • Synchronization Frequency;
  • Immediate data recovery;
  • Recovery and data in case of disaster, regardless of their origin;
  • Flexible storage;
  • Enterprise encryption solutions.