Companies must continually evolve to stay innovative and competitive.

To achieve a digital transformation, the organizations must modernize their systems and Datacenters, so that they continue to be competitive and with an adequate technological response. The implementation of these complex IT scenarios can be a challenge and require a high level of know-how, it´s here that we present ourselves as an added-value partner to the organizations, through a specialized engineering team and technologically advanced portfolio which always offers the best solutions to its clients.

The integration of hardware and software from several manufacturers into new systems can be sometimes frustrating, complex and wasteful when done internally. Our engineers are here to help. 



  • Data Protection - Backup Solutions, Archives, Storage, Cloud Backup;
  • Infrastructures - Server Consolidation, Workplace Virtualization, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Hyperconvergence, Virtual SAN;
  • Service Continuity - High Availability, Replication, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans (Reference to standard ISO 22301);
  • Applications 
  • Database



We provide a variety of solutions to enhance your Datacenter: 

  • Safe Rooms,
  • Mobile Datacenters,
  • Micro-Datacenters,
  • Access Control, 
  • Fire Extinguishing, 
  • Raised Floor,
  • Monitoring - Control, Operation, Monitoring and Management (Reference to ISO 27001),
  • Energy - UPS, Management Groups, Relief Energy Network,
  • Environmental Control - Refrigeration, Alarm, Remote Control, Thermography.

In each one of the areas, we dedicate a team of technical consultants, to assess the respective business requirements and design the right solution for your organization.


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